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David Morris

Yes, if you have telnet access to the remote machine. Multi-Edit supports remote telnet compiles and will parse the errors locally. First you must FTP the source to the remote host (you can use MEW’s internal FTP support, or you can do it manually), then you configure a compiler entry as a Remote Telnet type. If the compiler isn’t GCC or another that MEW is already aware of, you’ll have to configure the command-line and error parsing support yourself.

When you attempt to compile, you will be prompted for a remote host configuration. You will have to add one the first time. The prompts should be fairly self-explanatory: things like username, password, remote directory (you can use metacharacters to substitute current filename and such), prompt strings to automate the login, etc. You can also edit pre-compile and post-compile scripts to be run on the remote host before and after compilation. Once you’ve selected the remote host configuration, MEW will login to the remote host, run any commands in the pre-compile script, run the compile and capture the errors locally, then run any post-compile script commands.

The tricky part is telling MEW where to find the source on the remote host. What I do is configure my local and remote project source trees exactly the same, that makes it easier for MEW to navigate to the proper place. If you configure the FTP path in MEW’s Project feature, you can use that metacommand in your telnet configuration to substitute that path as the project root.

Once it’s setup, it’s very slick and transparent, working almost exactly like a local compile. It’s just somewhat of an advanced feature, and not terribly intuitive. I’m between system re-installs here and haven’t got MEW re-installed yet, but post back here if you have trouble and once I’ve got it reinstalled I’ll try to walk through a setup with you.