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Ken Walker

OK this is only for users of 9.10.04! which would include the current eval version. Please do not attempt to use this file if you do not have the FULL VERSION 9.10.04.

Just this morning I was looking at my line numbers and noticed how strikingly similar they appeared to the normal text. Then I happened to check the board and notice this post.

If you would like to be able to change the line number color scheme, you can download this .dll and place it in the same directory mew32.exe resides. You will overwrite an existing file, unless you make a backup of the file (by renaming it first, I suggest melib.bak). All you have to do now is change the color scheme for END OF FILE (the end of file and the line numbers will both share this setting). Tools –> Customize –> Colors –> End of file. You left click for the foreground (text) color and right click for the background color. Enjoy!