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John Peacock

It isn’t very good idea to use CygWin for user rights management under NT-like OSes. CygWin tries to map UNIX rights to NT ones and it isn’t very successful in most cases. It is because UNIX rights are very limited comparing with NT rights (no wonder if you remember when both were originated). It is always better to use native ways for OS management.[/quote:239rtub0]

Actually, this is an overly broad characterization. Cygwin depends on the OS, which in turn relies on the filesystem installed. If you install Cygwin on an NTFS volume using the NTSEC option, it maps very nicely into Win32 security. You may be thinking of the security support that Cygwin provides for FAT/FAT32 volumes, which indeed doesn’t work very well.

And just because NTFS permits more granular (some might say obsessive) security doesn’t mean it is better than Unix security. I can say that I have seen security under Win32 messed up in such a way that the only way to deal with it was to take ownership of the tree and reapply security. The root user under Unix never has those problems. YMMV

And another thing: XP default settings are particularly troublesome. Once again M$loth has decided they know the One True Way, and it takes a few minutes to defuse their defaults (like Simple[minded] file sharing).