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OK I got from the Multi-Edit main menu I can do ADDON -> MICROSOFT -> ACTIVATE DEVSTUDIO which starts up Microsoft Visual C++. Then in Microsoft Visual C++ I can open the Workspace for the project I’m working on. And with the .cpp file loaded in Multi-Edit I have to save any changes I make to disk, then I can do ADDON -> MICROSOFT -> REBUILD ALL and Microsoft Visual C++ compiles for me, but then Microsoft Visual C++ hangs. It no longer responds to any keystrokes, and Multi-Edit can’t make it do anything more, and am I supposed to get some feedback in Multi-Edit about what compile errors there were or if it compiled successfully?

Microsoft Visual C++ says “running” in Windows Task Manager, but it won’t respond to any mouse clicks anywhere.

Under ADDONS -> MICROSOFT -> CONFIGURE… I get the “Microsoft IDE Integration Configuration” window. There I checked all six boxes: LOAD, SYNC, and OPTIONS Keep file loaded in Multi-Edit, and Sync all files, for both VBasic and DevStudio. Perhaps I’ve checked too many boxes?