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Clay Martin

I use projects for my web sites. The root of the site is the root of the project. The graphics and other subdirectories below the root are also part of the project. The “external” files in the project point to my PHP included files that I keep outside the website’s root (safety first :D ).

As for assigning every file, no, I have sections of the tree that the directory shows, even though I don’t have any files in it (unless I add one for the purposed of uploading, then remove it from the project). When you first create a project you can have MEW read up all the files in a directory tree that have certain extentions. If files are read up that you don’t want, easy. You can select the first, press shift and select the last (highlights them all) then right click and select “remove files from project”, and bam they’re gone.

Web sites are the first code that I started using projects with, now I even use a project for my CMAC work. :wink:

You should definatly check out the project, ftp and common code features of MEW for use with web sites.