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Mark Ryder

What are Projects
Projects are the organizational unit that groups files together for processing. A project consists of a tree list of files cornered around a base directory. Once files are added there are many functions that can be performed on the list of files.

Files can be easily accessed from the Project View. A file list can be generated for use with the compiler. Tags can be generated for all file in the project.

Each project is a file with the extension (.mep), this file stores information about the files and where they are located and there properties. Each file in the project can have properties such as, don’t include in file list, etc.

What is Multi-Tags
Multi-Tags is an easy-to use, hypertext-like source code browser for C/C++, CMAC, Turbo-Pascal, Java, Fortan, ASM, Modula-2, dBase/xBase/CLIPPER and Paradox. Any text file may contain tags via explicit tags.

Run your source files through the Multi-Tags scanner to produce a database of functions/procedures, structures, types, etc., depending on the language being scanned.

Once the database is created, position your cursor on any function name (or other supported language object) and select Tags | Find tag under cursor (or hit a hot key if one is defined). Multi-Tags will then locate the source file where that tag was defined and take your cursor to the definition. If a tag was defined in more than one place or file, then Tags | Find again will locate the next occurrence.

Tags | View Tags opens a tree list of the current tag file that allows you to select any tag and move immediately to its definition.[/quote:1bemtcwd]
Thanks for the feedback. I am not sure yet about what additional benefit I will obtain when adding the complexity of projects?

So far, the search issue is not enough of a problem to make me change. I use secure FTP so that does not help.

Common code? Again, I do not see how projects can benefit my situation very much.