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Clay Martin

Haven’t the foggiest why I called it a tilde :oops:
Yeh I know about the “back quote” use them a lot in the EZRTools templates. Did you know that if you place a <-cur> immediatly before feild marker, when the expansion is complete the feild marker string is pre selected for overtyping?

blah blah <-cur>`enter info here` blah blah blah

I’m feeling even sillyer on the prompt metacommand as I had layed out how to use those and the undocumented feature above in one of the

Interestingly enough, I was trying to locate the name of the `xyz` construct in the new 9.13 doc, for some reason I thought it was “feild code”. What I found is that it was called a feild marker, but I thought a <-?> was called a feild marker? :shock:

Thanks for the syntax correction,