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Michal Vodicka

I added line counting functionality to BSC add-on some time before. It should be already included in 9.0e. It is part of MSVC intergration and works only with projects compiled by VC with BSC database generated. Also, it doesn’t count actual lines of code but just all lines; I believe comments are integral part of code and as such should be counted. However, it would be possible to add an option…

How to reach it: Project | Properties | BSC tab and Count line button. Results are like this:

Bsc database name: D:\Tfm\main\src\tfm\emul\tests\comm\Debug\TfmClient.bsc
Local files root: d:\tfm\main\src\

Total files info: lines | bytes
Total: 193256 | 5951419
Program files: 10759 | 398772
Headers: 179338 | 5456474
Unrecognized: 3159 | 96173
Modules: 153
Bytes per line: 30

Local files info: lines | bytes
Total (local): 19356 | 713187
Program files: 10759 | 398772
Headers: 8597 | 314415
Modules: 57
Bytes per line: 36

It wouldn’t be so hard to enumerate project file list instead of BSC database. I could write it if have some time and if more people are interested about it.