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Priority? good hevens, I hope not. In fact, I hate it when my code wordwraps.

The only time I want wordwrap, is when I’m reading readme’s… and I use EditPlus for that.

When I’m viewing CSV or fixed length data files that I’m trying to import (or modify/edit/whatever), I dont need wordwrap either.

I dont use a text editor to write help files (I use Help & Manual), so dont need it there.

I do use mew to write html, but I dont want it to wordwrap, so dont need it there.

So, 80% of my time is coding, which I dont want wordwrap for, and 15% is spent in data/text/hexmode files which I dont want wordwap for, which leaves 5% of my time, reading help/readme/docs for which, only sometimes do I need wordwap. (some help doc’s, like mew’s for example, are preformatted so you dont need wordwrap).

No, I’d say, not a priority… not for me anyway.