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Michal Vodicka

2) There are some examples of the functions (headers):

BOOL BLDMainRegClass(HINSTANCE hInstance)
BOOL BLDMainExitClass()

It shouldn’t cause any problem but I’d need to see whole header up to the opening “{“. Also, few lines before function header. There is one possibility: very long comment between prototype and opening “{“. I extended the limit (originally 20 lines IIRC) in the latest version but I’m not sure if it is already in 9.1.03.

3) I have managed to turn on debugging but I don’t understand the next part – using DebugView. Is it a macro? Or an external utility?

External utility. The link in my previous reply points to its home page. It captures Win32 debug output which is used for traces when log number 0 is set.

I am used to use for capturing a macro output an external program called GExperts. Maybe I can use it for the same task but I do not know which actions I shoud monitor.

It should be also possible. Just set log number to 1 and traces should be directed to GExpert. Traces show code workflow so if you post them or send me via mail, I should be able to determine what is wrong.

4) Ano jsem čech.[/quote:1h2caokb]

Tak to jsme dva :) Klidne se na mne obratte mailem primo, treba to bude rychlejsi (michal_tecka_vodicka_na_upek_tecka_com). Pracuju vecer a pres noc.