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Both answers will give you the information you want, although Dan’s solution is probably better. I think, though, that I’d personally assign it to a slightly different but unused key combo involving the right and left arrow keys, so that the ordinary functioning of the right and left keys is still available. The only difference would be in the situations when you might want to position the cursor within the virtual spaces following a real tab.

The answer I gave simply makes the tab and virtual space characters visible. The actual tab characters (0x09) display as squares in most Windows fonts, and the virtual spaces (0xFF), which are merely part of the internal tab-display mechanism, display as the umlauted-‘y’ symbol in most Western code pages. If you want to have this one at your fingertips, tie the following macro to a button, key mapping, or menu item:
[code:if5xu13i]void mToggleTabDisplay() {
Display_Tabs ^= 1;
}[/code:if5xu13i]This does exactly what the macro name says it does. It would likely fail if Display_Tabs could ever assume any value other than True or False, but I don’t believe that happens anywhere in the codebase (in the unlikely event you discover that it does, simply change the macro to use an if/else block instead of the main expression. That expression, incidentally, is just a special case of the more general Variable ^= (Constant_1 ^ Constant_2); which toggles Variable between the two constant values (which can be anything) Constant_1 and Constant_2.