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I’ll give this a shot… It may not be exact, but hopefully close.

My guess is that, when mew loads a .C file it loads the c.mac macros, which probably include CInit and friends.

many places in the code get the “proper” function to call by prepending the current language (eg: “C”) to the function name (eg: “Match”) so the CMatch function would be called. I’m guessing when you compile your c_gt file, it replaces the old CInit, and CMatch, etc with your’s.

I dont know if this would actually work, but you can try it. In your Config directory, there is a startup.cfg file. Add a line like:

LoadMac c_gt

That’ll cause MEW to load the macros on startup.

Otherwise, if your changes arent hugely sweeping, I’d say just edit the c.s file… oh, unless noone else on the network wants that type of comment.