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However, the CVS directories typically only contain CVS admin files, which aren’t likely to match the filemask you’re searching and replacing on anyway. Since there are only half a dozen or so admin files, it’s not a huge performance burden to open the directory and realize nothing matches, and move on. [/quote:1nfnn4ib]

This is not true, almost for me: the cvs directory has the admin files you are speaking of, but also contain a directory named “base” wich contains all the checked out files, with the .c and .h extension.

that it won’t do much searching to find header.h – it uses the relative path information the same way the compiler would, to go straight to it.[/quote:1nfnn4ib]

Unfortunatly i received as a legacy the code and it’s use a compiler directive to use the “h” subdirectory so my code is:
[code:1nfnn4ib]#include "include.h"[/code:1nfnn4ib]
and if i don’t specify to search through subdirectories mew cannot find words in .h files…
And if i do it i get double results.
No way.

Thanks for your suggestion.
I’ll search for other solutions.

manuel ‘fmf’ ferrero