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Ah. You must be using CVS in client/server mode. I’ve never had the need or opportunity, so that possibility hadn’t crossed my mind. Sorry about that.

One of the strongest points in MEW’s favor, in my opinion, is that you get the macro source code. In a lot of programs, macro source doesn’t amount to much, but in the case of MEW, I’d say that somewhere over half of MEW is written in it’s own macro language.

It took me about 10 minutes to modify the file search and replace code to ignore CVS directories by adding the bold code below.

if ( NewFd.dwFileAttributes & 0x10 ) {
if ( ( NewFd.cFileName != ‘.’ ) && ( NewFd.cFileName != ".." ) [b]&& (Caps( NewFd.cFileName) != "CVS" )[/b]) {
if ( _FileSearch( SearchStr, Path + NewFd.cFileName + "\\",
Mask, Root, 1, Sm, Flags, 1, Misc ) == -1 ) {
goto _SearchExit;

This is somewhere around line 2731 in my modified MEW v9.0 code.

This won’t affect the Open File Under Cursor function, but for search and replace related things, it will probably do what you want.

More importantly, it’s a quick demonstration of the incredible flexibility that MultiEdit can give you.

I don’t have enough time today to integrate this into the Search dialog, but that’s also CMAC code, and it could be done fairly easily as well. An exclude directory option would probably be handy for RCS and Subversion users as well, if I remember those packages correctly.