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Are you talking about hard or soft line breaks? You appear to mean hard (else, why would you want to look at the line terminators?). If that’s the case, and you don’t know in advance how long you want the lines to be, there’s no reasonable operation any editor could do.

However, your request for a “word-wrap toggle” seems to indicate you’re talking about soft line breaks, as there’s no toggling hard breaks off once they’re in the text, unless you simply want all line breaks removed, which I doubt (and if that’s the case, a simple regex search-and-replace will do the same thing). If you really mean soft breaks, then there aren’t any terminators in the text produced by any editor; it just changes how the program displays the text.

So I’m still confused as to exactly what you’re asking for. I believe (but check with Dan) that a soft-break toggle was in the works for v10. Incidentally, it’s not the easy rewrite it may appear, as internally Multi-Edit is a line-oriented editor, with each line stored in its own buffer. Thus, re-flowing text for soft breaks isn’t a trivial task. Neither is it “rocket surgery,” ;) but it does require changes in a lot of code, with the attendant long debug times such changes generally entail. Believe me, were it as easy as everyone thinks, it would have been in there long ago.

As for seeing where tabs are, you can either check the box in the Layout dialog, or, if you want it at your fingertips, assign the following macro to a hotkey:[code:3gu22pkz]void mToggleTabDisplay() {
Display_Tabs ^= 1;
}[/code:3gu22pkz]Use it once, it turns the display on; use it again, and it turns it off. You can’t get much more simple than this in a CMac macro. :)