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I restarted Windows, the association was still to .03. I then did a new file association from PowerDesk (via the “Open With” dialog box), and now have the association set to .04 successfully for .txt files.

I then tried an Open With for .ini files. No go. So I set the Associate to Desktop Shell in MEW. Still no go. Tried Open With again — still no go.
Tried Open With a second time — that time association was successfully set to .04.

Suggestion: Make an option in MEW to disable the “Associate to Desktop Shell” feature for file extensions, with a default to use whatever association is setup from the desktop (or Windows Explorer-oid). If this option is selected (actually it should be the default selection, I think), the “Associate to … Shell” item would be greyed-out with the box checked. The existing MEW feature is simply too complex unless it is really needed under special circumstances, and adds difficulty to upgrades.

Thanks for your help,
— Larry