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I am having the same problem. The reg entry (details above) under HKLM is set the the “04” version and there is no HCU entry for Multi-Edit.

If I rename the directory for the “03” version so it is inaccessible by file association I get an error. If I then associate a file extension with the “04” version using my Win Explorer work-alike (PowerDesk), the file loads from the Association menu in MEW 9.10.04.

However, susequent attempts to load files of that extension fail until I rename my “03” version directory back to its old name. Then files load into “03,” as before. The only way I can access “04” is with a “Sent To” from the right click menu of PowerDesk.

??? I’m not ready to uninstall “03” yet, so how do I get “04” to take control?

— Larry