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I was all set to re-open this discussion, as the color printing was giving me full black characters just as the AGK512 said. However, as I was getting all the things ready to detail exactly how this problem manifested itself, the problem went away. Grrr. I mean..uh..yeah…it’s great the problem went away, but it’s slightly annoying that something so simple fixed the problem.

Here is what I did.

1) Menu item Tools / Customize…
2) Customize dialog box General / Colors…
3) Scroll down to “Syntax Highlighting” section, “Reserved Words 2”, 3, & 4
4) Uncheck “Use Color” for each
5) Save the color scheme
6) Re-check “Use Color” for the aforementioned items.
7) Re-save the color scheme.

All color printing works and looks as expected now. Curious that toggling a simple checkbox would affect this. :shock:

-Michael Engelby
IBI Data