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You’re right, David. These are standard Windows functions, imported in the system macro file, and they behave exactly as the versions in the Windows API do (since they are exactly those functions). So if you’re up on your Windows programming, this is pretty basic stuff.

If you haven’t done much, or any, Windows coding before, pretty much the standard book everyone learns from is Petzold’s <a href="]Programming Windows[/url:n6zhfssu”>. I deliberately pulled that URL back one link, to show the various Petzold books on the topic. The one dated 1998, in the middle, though, is the one I meant. It’s examples are largely written in C. Note the C# and Visual Basic .NET versions, though, if C isn’t your preferred language. And if you’re really a masochist, hit Steve Gibson’s site and grab his little intro kit on doing Windows coding in assembler. :)