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Clay Martin

Would not want wordwrap for C, CMAC, ObjectPascal files but it would be usefull in HTML (SHTML, PHP) files. Often the content(ppg’s of text) for a page doen’t need to be on separate lines, unless you are trying to edit or make sence of it. Long anchor tags and the text they surround (that should not be broken with a newline as it causes buggy behavior in some browders) can extend beond the visible display area, wraping would be ok.

UNIX scripts with long lines created by using pipes between multiple commands (whith thier associated parms and options) could benifit from word wrap. Course that doesn’t come up much for me as ME does not run on UNIX so I use Vi.

Then there is ISPF panel language and the associated TSO Clist scripts that I use ME for. Even thought the lines cannot be longer than 72 chars, 72 chars will not fit in the visible area of ME’s display. Wrapping useful, or buy much bigger monitor?

With all the languages that ME supports it is a Swiss army knife, and I am sure that there are a few programming languages I don’t use that could take advantage of word wrap. Cobol anyone?

Oh yea, I often use Reid’s extension and template set for writing posts to this forum, soft word wrap would be great for that also. :wink: