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Michal Vodicka

The information displayed in the second dialog can be misleading. File dates may differ and probably do but the file time isn’t displayed completely, as you can see. Seconds aren’t displayed, unfortunately, and FileDateTimeStr() macro would have to be changed for this purpose (which’d probably have another side effects).

If you want play with macros, you could add trace to mew.s MewActivate() macro and display file times completely. You can use FormatFileTime() macro from bsc.s which I wrote exactly for this purpose. If you don’t have BSC add-on installed, here it is:

[code:2bfbxnzg]str FormatFileTime(int FileTime) {
/* ============================
Returns formated file date and time. FileTime is value returned with
GetFileTime() macro.
str Temp[32] = Make_Time_Str((FileTime >> 11) & 0x1f, (FileTime >> 5) & 0x3f, (FileTime & 0x1f) * 2);

return(Make_Date_Str((FileTime >> 25 ) + 1980, (FileTime >> 21) & 0xf, (FileTime >> 16) & 0x1f) + " " + Temp);

May I ask you why you don’t have Reload changed files when switching back checked? It’d be probably enough to solve the problem as all externally changed files would be reloaded automatically including files non-really changed but with different time or attributes.