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Yes, it does it, it just doesn’t do it automatically. You either have to select Text | Reformat Paragraph from the main menu, or do some editing on a line. Either one will cause the line to wrap at the margin set for the current extension. If it doesn’t, you’ve most likely set the right margin too far out.

To set the margin for unknown file extensions, set it in Text | Layout….

And to have a button that does this,

    [*:29sqqeuj]go to Tools | Customize… from the main menu bar;[/*:m:29sqqeuj]
    [*:29sqqeuj]click the Toolbars/boxes button;[/*:m:29sqqeuj]
    [*:29sqqeuj]select Main on the Toolboxes dialog that appears;[/*:m:29sqqeuj]
    [*:29sqqeuj]click on the Edit button;[/*:m:29sqqeuj]
    [*:29sqqeuj]click on the spot in the list where you’d like the button to appear;[/*:m:29sqqeuj]
    [*:29sqqeuj]click on the Insert button;[/*:m:29sqqeuj]
    [*:29sqqeuj]find the Re-Format paragraph function in the list and select it.[/*:m:29sqqeuj][/list:o:29sqqeuj]
    When you’ve exited all the dialogs, you should have a new button in your main toolbar that does the same thing as the menu item.