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John Peacock

CVSChkLib() searches a specified path for the archive, returning its findings as a return value that can specify any of several things (see the macro’s comment header), and as two temporary globals, one of which duplicates the integer return, the other of which contains the found archive or path, depending on the value of the Path Mode variable and whether the archive was found or no.[/quote:2gjc7l8o]

So if in SvnChkLib() I set the global vcsAFile, then I should be able to access that somewhere else?

The <LOOKUP> VCS metacommand translates to the archive path matched in the list of Associate Directories.[/quote:2gjc7l8o]

Except that in cvs.s:CvsAdminPrj() (and by extension svn.s:SvnAdminPrj) this code is stubbed out completely. Is there another place I could steal code from?

I’m not sure what you’re looking for Search_File() to do that it doesn’t.[/quote:2gjc7l8o]

Obviously, I expected it to set Found_Text in addition to returning the line number. I want a way to search a file and return a line from (or matching regex terms) without having to manually open, search, close the file. I’m not changing the file, just pulling some text from it.

To access the line, open the file, move to the line[/quote:2gjc7l8o]

I don’t see a single line oriented file macro (in the Help file at least). Care to point me in the correct direction?

If you want higher-level search capability, look at S_And_R() in Search.s.[/quote:2gjc7l8o]

Not documented in the help file, I’ll take a look at it…

And lastly, ARCDIR isn’t a variable, it’s a text string that some of the macros take as a parameter, in which case it looks up the value set in the configuration file.[/quote:2gjc7l8o]

I needed a metacommand that I can plug into the command line argument as the repository location. Now that I look at VcsXLate (and SvnXlate), I see how I can the effect of a metacommand, once I figure out how to get the text out of the Entries file.