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Gahh! 5 hours is nothin! I’v spent an entire weekends writing sql parsing code just so I can highlight a create table statement, and have mew spit out hundreds upon hundreds of lines of code.

Sure, a lot of setup time is required, but concider how effecient you can be for the next year. one weekend of code, and for the next year I can generate delphi objects to read/write tables very very very quickly.

Oh, and as for the DPI problem. Our Delphi app has a serious problem running on the wide screen laptops. Totally caught us off guard. the standard delphi alighment stuff just doesnt work right (Delphi 7). And our app was designed for windows 2000 and up. I’v heard of others having the same problems (some VB people as well). I was kinda glad others had the same problem.. made me feel less of a “bad coder”.