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To be specific, I went to Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, and picked Multi-Edit 9.10, then Change/Remove. The dialog that came up offered to repair and I selected this. After seeing a bunch of messages fly past, it asked me for SetupME910_04.exe, quoting the full path and the date and time stamp. The file was present at the location requested, but for the last couple of weeks it has had a time one hour later than the time that the (un)installer was expecting, which was no doubt the time of the file when it was actually used for the install. This is because NTFS filestamps are in UTC and the UTC time survives a change to/from daylight savings time whereas the time visible in Explorer or DIR does not.

I have seen this issue in other installers, and it is poorly understood. It can sometimes cause a failure to install when the installer has been set not to replace an existing file with an earlier version, but this happens in spring instead of autumn. It’s not a big issue because I was able to select a different time zone, hit retry on the MEW installer dialog, and then immediately change the time zone back. Without this trickery it is impossible to repair an installation which was installed prior to a daylight savings change.

If possible you need to set the ‘repair’ function in the installer either to be less picky about the timestamp in general, or to acccept an override. Or to make the check using UTC if the file is on an NTFS filesystem. However I entirely accept that this may be controlled by the installer rather than by MultiEdit Software!