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Ernie Zapata


I see the same behavior regardless of whether I use the plain old “Paste” or the “Paste Special”.

I’m an old dinosaur who prefers command lines, so I always have a command prompt open and use *nix utiltites ported to Windows, such as ‘find’ and ‘grep’. I have tested copying from NOTEPAD, but found the behavior if I copy the text from the command prompt console by selecting the text copying it.


I also found it odd that it always pastes the same filename and searched by current installation for the file and didn’t find it. I also ‘grepped’ the contents of every file looking for that exact string, but didn’t find it. I found references to “CSS” and “TPT”, but not “CSS.TP”.

At one point, I had installed the TopStyle support, but have since removed it and am not currently using it.

Out of curiousity, I uninstalled MEW and deleted the MEW directory and installed a clean 9.10.04. The only changes I made to the default settings was

* Target directory = C:\MEW32
* I only installed/checked the “Program Files” and “Program Help” components
* I selected Brief Emulation

The behavior is the same, using a clean MEW:

* load my HTML file

* switch to a command prompt and load another HTML file into Notepad, and copy a STYLE block. A simple example:[code:2p1n30g7]
<STYLE TYPE="text/css">
BODY {font-family: helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 9pt;}
Simple HTML Page.

I select and copy the text between the openning STYLE tag and the closing STYLE tag.

* Switch back to MEW and position the cursor within the HEAD block and paste the text, and get the specified incorrect text.

I found something interesting while testing:

I tested copy various blocks from command prompts and/or NOTEPAD, such as tables, ordered lists, paragraph (from the opening tag to the closing tag). All of this text is copied correctly into the MEW edit window. It only appears that STYLE blocks produce behavior. :?