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It seems there is a problem with the Multi-Edit built-in function WINDOW_COPY. For some unknown reason it messes up as described above if there’s a STYLE tag it’s copying. But it only messes up the first time. If repeated a second time it does the copy correctly.

So this gives us a workaround. We do the WINDOW_COPY a first time, then undo it, then repeat it a second time, and it gets it right.

So we’re replacing code:
[code:11izcyfc]Window_Copy( Buf_Win );[/code:11izcyfc]
Window_Copy( Buf_Win );
Window_Copy( Buf_Win );
I tried this out and it seems to work as a kludgy fix. (At least with the STYLE tags it worked. I don’t know if it will help Clay’s original problem.)

I think you’re both familiar with modifying the Multi-Edit source code?

So in file Paste.s we have Window_Copy appearing three times. Macro Paste is the one I modified as above and tested (which is the second occurrence, around line 541). It also appears in macro Cut, and in macro CreateBufferView.

Window_Copy also appears in file MeUtil1.s macro SaveBlock, and macro Splice. And a few other times in a few other files, but these are the ones offhand which may cause a problem. I leave it to you to decide which instances of Window_Copy you want to modify with the kludgy fix.

(When modifying file Paste.s I recommend making a copy of it as PasteFIX.s and working with copy PasteFIX.s, or something like that. Remeber to rebuild the Multi-Edit macro libraries after making the change and compiling it.)

The Multi-Edit developers should check if they are using the same code for Window_Copy in version 10. If so then they should look into this problem with Window_Copy since it’s easy to reproduce.