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It works but only for the LEFT shift key. (I will see if there’s a modification you can make so it works for the right shift key too.)

Here’s some info on selecting blocks:

Block Operations

The status bar displays information about the text being marked. This information is dependent on the style of block used.

· Columnar blocking: The number of lines and columns are displayed.

· Stream Blocking: The number of characters blocked is displayed.

· Line Blocking: The number of lines blocked is displayed.

Marking A Block

Double clicking with the left button on a word in a window will cause that word to be marked as a columnar block. Triple clicking will cause the whole line to be marked.

To mark a stream block, position the cursor at the desired starting point. While holding down the left mouse button, move the mouse cursor to the desired ending point and release the left mouse button.

If you move the text cursor to the desired starting position, then move the mouse cursor to the desired ending point and press the Shift left button, a block will be marked from the starting position to the ending point. Now, leaving that block marked, you can extend it by pointing farther in the text, and pressing Shift left button.

Additionally, while marking a block with the mouse, you can hit the right mouse button (while still holding down the left button), and the block mode will change. Repeatedly clicking the right mouse button will cycle through the line, column, and stream marking modes.

Whenever you use the mouse to mark a block, a cursor will be displayed next to the mouse cursor indicating the type of block being marked.

By default, the mouse marks streams of text.

Moving and Copying Blocks

If you click and hold the left mouse button on any position inside a marked block, you can drag the mouse cursor to the position you want to move the block. You will notice a small icon displayed next to the mouse cursor, indicating that a block move operation is occurring. When you release the mouse button, the block will be moved to that position.

To copy a marked block to another location without removing it from the first location, hold the Alt key down while keeping the left mouse button pressed. Move the mouse cursor to the desired position and release both buttons. The block will then be copied to that position.