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Have a look at the attached file “SearchDWD.s” This is for version 9.10.04 . Search for “//DWD” where I have made changes. I modified it so file search will always exclude all files with extention .sas7bdat . You can compile this file, then rebuild the Multi-Edit macro library to make the change permanent. START -> PROGRAMS -> MULTI-EDIT -> REBULD MACRO LIBRARY

You can also uncomment the DebugLog lines right after “//DWD”, then do a file search, then examine file MSG-2.LOG which will be in Multi-Edit. This will list the folders and files Multi-Edit file search comes across.

For more on how to compile CMAC code see [url:134n274i][/url:134n274i]

For more on using DebugLog see [url:134n274i][/url:134n274i]