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This can happen if the command you selected ceases to exist, but I’m not yet sure what the problem is. Here are some things to check.

1. Command Map Report
This will generate an output window with all the commands, then all the menus, then all the toolbars (sometimes called toolboxes). Look for “New File/Window” under the heading “;— File Operations —“. The number on the far left is the WCMD number. For me that number is 103.

2. Check Wcmdmap.db
This is the actual database where all the information about commands, menus, and toolbars is kept. Go to RUN -> MACRO and type in “SWITWIN /SYSTEM=2” (without the quotes, a space before the /). This will list all the windows, including the hidden system windows. Find Wcmdmap.db and select that and click the Select button.

Be careful not to modify this database. Just look. (When you are done don’t Close the window, instead Hide it by right-clicking on the button for the Wcmdmap.db window and select ‘Hide’)

Go to the top of this file. (All the lines start with a hex 7F character which looks like a box, except for a few special lines which start with a hex 0C form-feed character, which looks like a square). The file starts with the Command Map, listing all the commands you see when you do TOOLS -> CUSTOMIZE -> KEYS/COMMANDS, and corresponds with the first part of the Command Map Report. Scroll down and find the line “@รพ=File Operations”, and about 4 lines below that is the line which starts with “NAME=New file/window”. Go to the end of this line and it should say “WCMD=103” (The exact number isn’t important, though I don’t see why it should be different for you.) This is the number assigned to that command.

To examine your Main Toolbar search downwards for “Main.TBX”. Below that are lines which say WCMD= and a number corresponding to what window command each toolbar button stands for. (Hint: lines which say “WCMD=6969” are special, they correspond to the separating bars between button groups.) In this list if there is an entry WCMD= followed by a number which doesn’t exist above in the Command Map section, this button will not display, and when you go to TOOLS -> CUSTOMIZE -> TOOLBARS/BOXES that entry will display as blank black. The best thing to do is delete these entries.

Hopefully that’s enough information to get you started.

Edit: You can also look at my article at [url:1gedixml][/url:1gedixml]