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Your AutoCorrect template would be very welcome. If you send us a copy we would be more than willing to put it into a release.

Global template are just that, global to all files when enabled. I agree with Reid that AutoCorrect style template not be added to the Global template set. As he states a misspelling in one language might be a keyword in another. I also agree with him that the place to install the AutoCorrect template be via the “Addon templates” field of the “Extension Setup” dialog for each extension that needs this capability.

The way templates work is, each extension specified in Multi-Edit can have a main “Template” that is usually set to use the language specific template set for that extension. This is the template set that is brought up when going into the “Edit templates” dialog. Additional template can be processed by adding their name in a ; delimited list to the “Addon templates” field of the “Extension Setup” dialog. These template will be processed after the specific language template is search when no matches were found. After these template sets are searched, the Global template set it searched if the “Enable global tempalte” option is checked.