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It has been awhile since I’ve had to deal with my Linux/Samba configuration, so I’m shooting from memory here and I could be mistaken. That said, I’m pretty sure this is either a Samba or a linux configuration issue. :)

Depending on how you have Samba set up, Samba will do different things when MultiEdit locks a file or makes a file read-only. If Samba is attempting to remove the read bit on file, then the underlying operating system will deny the change if the current effective user doesn’t have permissions to modify the file. This is what it sounds like is happening since you mention only the owner of the file is able to lock them.

What I’d suggest is making sure all of the files your team needs to edit are owned by the same group, and make sure everyone in the team is in the group. You might need to make changes in the user’s configurations and/or to Samba to make sure new files are defaulted into this group. That way they will perhaps have the necessary permissions to make the files read-only when they’re not the direct owner.

You might also do some testing using the attrib command from a DOS prompt (shell) to see if it’ll let you manipulate permissions on a file you don’t own.

Hope this helps a bit, at least.