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Eric Pement

Your AutoCorrect template would be very welcome.[/quote:2d0b9k44]
Thanks very much. I’ll try to put a copy on the Multi-Edit Wiki and send you one via email.

I also agree with [[Reid]] that the place to install the AutoCorrect template be via the “Addon templates” field of the “Extension Setup” dialog for each extension that needs this capability.[/quote:2d0b9k44]
Hmmm… I just tried to do what you suggest in ME 9.10beta, and am having a problem. Under Edit Filename Extension Setup for the TXT filetype, I have my Autocorrect listed in the “Template” field. I am unable to remove it and get back to “NONE”, which was there originally. When I click on the […] button, the selection box doesn’t have a NONE entry so I can implement your suggestion to move it to the “Addon” section. Nor can I highlight the field and rightclicking will not do anything. Thanks.