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I’m not fully sure but I came across the following.

EDIT: There’s a much easier way to get this. Go to TOOLS -> CUSTOMIZE -> Weblair – web editing.
Load a file with extention .htm or .html
Right-click inside the window to get the context menu,
select HTML TOOLS -> CONFIGURE to get the “WebLair Configure” window.

Select HTML4 and click “Edit”.
I think this is the list of all the tags that get syntax highlighted.
Select one and click “Edit” to see what’s there.
To add a new tag click “Insert”.

The “Help” button gives a little bit of info.

I don’t know if XML files have a .xml file extention. If they do you can add that extention to TOOLS -> CUSTOMIZE -> General (left side) -> Filename Extentions…
click “Edit” to get the “Edit Filename Extention Setup” window.
Field “Extention(s):” at the top you can add XML to the list of extentions.

Sorry I don’t know more about XML. I do a lot of HTML coding but I never cared to learn much about XML. I’m assuming it’s an extention to HTML code.