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Interesting! I’ll report the absence of SetDefaultMenu. I don’t find it in version 10Beta2, 9.10, 9.0, 8, or 7, which is as far back as I can search. Looks like an idea that never actually happened. Actually I think it probably should be changed to menu^menueditor.

Let’s see if we have all 7 keys under CUSTOMIZE general menu:

CommandMapEdit – gets KEYS/COMMANDS (the "Command Editing" command in this window.)

menu^menueditor – gets MENU

TbMgr – gets ToolBox Manager (the "Toolbox Manager" command in KEYS/COMMANDS)

Setup^ExtEns – gets Filename Extention Setup (the "Extention Setup" command in KEYS/COMMANDS)

Lang_Menu – gets Language Setup (the "Language Setup" command in KEYS/COMMANDS)

Template^Tmp_Edit – gets Templates (the "Edit Templates" command in KEYS/COMMANDS, under "Other Operations")

Let’s see, that leaves only the Color dialog. There are two ways to invoke the color dialog and I’m not sure what the difference is. There’s SetupDefColors and SetupCustColors.

Amazing Multi-Edit is so flexible we can get away with all this bypassing the CUSTOMIZE menu.