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Clay Martin

If you have both check boxes in Customize-Editing-Clipboard selected, every copy/cut ends up in the next buffer (darned annoying if you wanted to hold on to something to paste in between other, over 9, copys). If you just do a regular paste, it is the last thing you cut/copied. If you want to past something from a buffer, you have to select that buffer and push the paste button.

IMO this would be a more useful tool if something was placed in these buffers only when you copied it, then hit a button to load the clipboard’s contents into one of the buffers. Pasting would work as it does now. I feel this would work better as the revolving buffer load leaves you not knowing for sure if something is still available to paste, or if you just copied too many times and it is lost. If it worked like I described it would be useful to hold bits of code that you need regularly (today) and are not worth turning into a template.

I have only ever used this feature once (well 9 times on the tenth I found that the item that needed to be pasted(added) into each file had been replaced by something that had to be moved in each file)