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First, there is a file called Mew.mcl, Multi-Edit macro code library, which contains the macro files that are most commonly used in a single file. This allows Multi-Edit to load these macros in one load operation instead of having to load multiple macro files upon startup. Any macros that are contained in this library file which get changed have to be merged back into that file or the changes won’t get loaded the next time Multi-Edit starts. The Block.mac file is one such file and that is why your changes don’t get seen upon restarting Multi-Edit. To merge changes back into the Mew.mcl file you can use either the “Rebuild Macro Library” entry under Start | All Programs | Multi-Edit 2006 menu to merge changed macros that you have already compiled or the “Recompile Macro Source” to recompile all macro source files which also rebuilds the Mew.mcl file.

Second, the UndBlk macro is working as designed. There were a number of users that believed the old behaviour that you like was a bug as they didn’t want the formatting of code that didn’t start on a tab stop to be changed when undenting a block. Thus the code was changed to fix the “bug” and is the current default behaviour. As there where also users that liked the old behaviour, the code still allows for that. To get the old behaviour back you can call the UndBlk macro with the /BIS=1 option as seen by the comments in the UndBlk header or you can change a line in the Startup.cfg file to enable the old behaviour. The line to change in Startup.cfg is shown below. You need to change the 0 to a 1 and save the file. Upon restarting Multi-Edit the old UndBlk behaviour will be enabled. Thus the changes you made to the UndBlk macro are unneeded.

GInt !BlkIgnoreStruct 1