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How are you invoking the compiler? Are you invoking it within Multi-Edit, in which case we can trace what Multi-Edit does to invoke your compiler on the mainframe.

If you invoke it via a menu option, you can do the following to trace what happens:

1. Go to HELP -> COMMAND MAP REPORT (creates file WCMDMAP.txt)
2. Examine file WCMDMAP.txt
look for line which says: “Main” Menu List (include quotes around “Main”)
That’s a list of all the main menu which goes across the top of Multi-Edit.
Find the menu item you use to invoke the compile.
At the end of that line is the command Multi-Edit executes.
I’m guessing it might be Remote^RemProgActivate. Let us know and we can continue tracing it from there. (Or you can post the WCMDMAP.txt file here as an attachment.)