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Attached is a special version of Compile.s which will first save a copy of your current file in a subdirectory named \Multi-Edit_debug\ and append to the file name the year-month-day-hour.min.sec.millisec-count e.g.
[code:2ascawlc]My DocumentsTemp2\Multi-Edit_debug\test2-2006-07-08-
After saving this copy it returns to save and compile as normal. So now you have a record of what Multi-Edit is saving when you compile. (It will ask you for permission to create this \Multi-Edit_debug\ subdirectory if it does not already exist.)

To Use:
Open Multi-Edit, load compileDAVID7301.s and compile. If you get an error saying “Exec Error: Program “”C:\….\cmacwin.exe”” could not be found” then read [url:2ascawlc][/url:2ascawlc].
For further information on compiling CMAC code see .

To Revert Back to Normal:
Compile compile.s in the Multi-Edit\src folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Multi-Edit\src\compile.s) If this folder doesn’t exist then you have two choices, either see [url:2ascawlc][/url:2ascawlc]., reinstall Multi-Edit on top of itself and check the correct boxes when reinstalling Multi-Edit to include this folder, or edit compileDAVID7301.s and comment out the block of code lines 388-421 (the block labeled “//EDXDWD SPECIAL CODE TO DEBUG DAVID7301 PROBLEM”) and then recompile.

Hopefully this can help track down where things are going wrong.