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Try changing the word delimiters. “The WORD_DELIMITS variable can be used to change the delimiters which define the beginning and end of a word.

Go to TOOLS -> CUSTOMIZE -> EDITING -> word delimits

In my 9.10 this is currently:
[code:791aamtb]|9|255 .()"’,$@!%^&*{}[]?/||;:+-<>~[/code:791aamtb]

|9 = ascii(9) tab character
|255 = ascii(255) virtual space [this is changed to 0x01 in ME2006]
there’s a space character after this before the period character
and later on
|| = one vertical bar

So try removing the @ character and any other character that should be part of a word.

That may fix the @ problem, but I don’t see a # in the list above, so I’ll look a little more at this. It appears I have no trouble selecting all of #temp_table with a mouse double click, so this should solve your problem.

The CMAC code used for mouse doubleclick is file MOUSE.S macro MouseDblClick. The code there determines the beginning/end of the current word and does the selection of the word.