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Ah! Okay, with your explanation, I remember what happened. I switched these because I was doing something that required a lot of cut&pasting from other applications, and kept forgetting that ctrl-v didn’t work for that, so I switched the keys. I didn’t anticipate these other complications, and (obviously) forgot about making that change when I realized (much later) that pasting within ME didn’t work the same way.

Is there some way to configure ME so that when something new is entered into the windows clipboard, it’s also picked up by the ME clipboard? Maybe by checking, when ME becomes the active app, whether there’s something new in the windows clipboard since ME became inactive? If it could automagically grab the windows clipboard, then one could conveniently use the same paste key for both internal and external data. That is, assume that if the user has copied something from another app, they want it placed in the normal ME clipboard too. It’s sort of confusing to have to remember to use different paste keys depending on the source of the cut/copy…