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Clay Martin

Ok so now I feel like a real dummy. I did not think there was Modual 2 support at all and wom was adding it himself, so I never looked at the language list, my bad :roll:

Still good question for someone setting up their own new language, could have been the extension name I guess.

I think standardized naming is great, if it is well documented that is. This is a great example of how a generic master module can automaticly use slave modules (if they are named correctly). I guess the same could be done with the Init, CfgInit, Indent, etc. So since you have to write correctly named macros for each language, stubs used as wrappers would work, at least where functionality can be shared eg

void XyzGetDeclaration() {
/* ======================
Wrapper for Xyz.
//Rm("Pascal^PascalGetDeclaration " + MParm_Str); // uncomment for pascal like languages
//Rm("C^CGetDeclaration " + MParm_Str); //uncomment for c like languages
Rm("XyzGetDeclaration " + MParm_Str); //you need to add code for this