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John Martzouco

It seems very strange that nobody else has even mentioned that they’ve noticed this.

I really expected one of the two Mr Hughes or Stephen Wiebelhaus to acknowledge whether you are experiencing an isolated anomaly or if it’s a program bug; I’m always saddened when they ignore issues that pop up like this.

The MESI team only replies when they have solutions or easy answers, choosing to ignore postings about topics that they can’t or won’t fix – it’s one of the only things that I don’t like about this forum.

Multi Edit is a great product and the very few flaws in it are easy to work around. The silence from it’s authors concerning topics like, however, is disquieting. Too many postings go unanswered on this forum unfortunately. Click on the ‘View unanswered posts’ link on the main page and you’ll see 235 topics that have never been cleared up… and I know that they’re not all ignorant questions because there are probably two dozen of my topics in there.

If something is buggy, I’m glad to know about it so I can work around. I don’t mind that there are bugs, that’s part of life when you have so much code… but why not acknowledge it? or tell us that we have to live with it until it bubbles up in importance? The silence makes me uncomfortable; now less than before because I understand MESI is dealing with things.

I’d love to see the list of bugs they are working on. And a list of known bugs that will be ignored. What’s happening with Unicode support?… how come we have to constantly hammer at the door for this when Microsoft is shoving it at us full force in the Visual Studio and their front-end tools for SQL Server? I don’t want to look for another editor but MESI hasn’t given us straight answers about when we will get something from them.

I understand that the development team is small and that they have to choose their work carefully to deliver big impact changes first… but why don’t they say this to us?


PS – Spell checking provided by EDX

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