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Regarding some of the issues you have raised, as you state our development team is fairly small at this time and we are working on increasing it in time but we have to spend our time where it counts most. We do monitor the forum and log feature requests and bugs into our internal issue trackinjg system. I suppose we could answer each message with a response such as "Thank you for your post, your issue has been logged to our internal tracking system and will be looked at by our developers" but then I’m sure that would not be sufficient either.

Even simple issues take time for us to verify and/or search the macro source to find the answers. If we did that for every post, we would get very little else done. I have found that I might spend a half hour finding the answer to a simple question and then get three more questions for my trouble. Quite a number of these answers are there in the macro source that is available in the full release if the time were taken to search them.
Even though I’ve been working on Multi-Edit for years, I didn’t write all of the code and there are parts of the system that I’m not real familiar with and to answer questions about it I have to do a search just like a user does. Please take into account that most of our time is being spent to improve Multi-Edit to effect the greatest number of users although we do at times try to work with single users.

Regarding unicode. We are very aware of the need for unicode. We have addressed this issue a number of times. The internal structure for handling text in the current version of Multi-Edit is for single byte characters. Everything else including color highlighting, buffer management, text displaying and even our macro language is designed around that structure. To support unicode, we have to change the internal structure to support wide characters and that means that everything on top of this structre also has to be changed to handle the change. Trying to "patch" Multi-Edit to support unicode would be like trying to modify a multilevel parking garage, that was designed to only handle cars, so that it can handle semi trucks. Multi-Edit will need some major redesign to add unicode support but we do plan on doing what it takes to do it but it will take time.