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John Martzouco

Hi Dan,

Its nice to see you again. I’d be thrilled if one of your staff simply mentioned that a raised issue could be dealt with by tweaking the macro sources – every time this has been brought to the table in the past, it’s led to results that have made me very happy; several of the other customers who use this forum have helped me and I am capable of making the changes myself after it becomes obvious that they can be done in the macro sources. The availability of the macro sources is one of ME’s most endearing features and I dig in there when time permits.

That being said, having someone who is knowledgable with the code base point the way makes starting the journey a lot less daunting; without a hint, it’s often impossible to imagine what functions are being called and what the key elements might be. It’s always taken down walls for me when you’ve mentioned that the work involves ‘this or that variable’ in "this or that S file". For this, I am very grateful, thank you.

I’m sure that your people are reading this forum regularly (at least I hope they are). I wish that you would be a little more visible rather than lurking. I think that you could relieve a lot of frustration with a few kind words every now and then; a little insight to point the way, the reason why something behaves particularly, your intentions on issues that are raised. I, for one, would be glad to know that you’re hearing us and that this forum is more than just us users helping each other and your company’s way of taking the pulse of its customer base.

Keep up the good work,
Many thanks,