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Michal Vodicka

Sorry, TipWin doesn’t support Modula-2 files. Currently C/C++, CMAC, Pascal/Delphi and Java are supported.

However, if Modula is similar so some of them (doesn’t it look like Pascal?), it shouldn’t be hard to add TipWin support for it. What’d you need is to add few macros to TipWin.s file and recompile: Modula_2GetParseFlags(), Modula_2GetDeclaration() and Modula_2ParseDeclaration(). You can just call existing Pascal/Delphi macros from the (all in this file). The you need to add a hook to TipWinInit() macro like this:

if (!Global_Int("!PascalDisableTwHook")) {
AddHookMacro("@PascalInitMac@", "TipWin^TwCInitMac", TRUE);

Replace "Pascal" with Modula language name known to MEW (probably Modula_2). Also, search the forum archives for TipWin. I guess I already described how to add next language support more detailed way. Probably few years before. Above I wrote from memory and I could forget something.