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I want ME to reload changed files, I just don’t want the tab to change to that file.[/quote:1q5gtkji]
Can you clarify? I don’t quite understand what you mean.[/quote:1q5gtkji]

Sorry. What I mean is that I want the files to remain in synch between BDS and ME, but I don’t want ME to change the tab I have open in the editor when I click on it.

For example, I might have a file from a different project open in ME, and I’m copying code from a file in that project to the file I have open in BDS. When I click back on ME to copy another block, ME cpens the tab of the file I’ve just changed in BDS. I then need to switch back to the ME file that I’m copying from. I want ME to stop doing that, but I don’t want it to get out of synch with BDS.