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Converting the tabs would achieve the end effect, but I don’t want to modify the tabs in every file. Even if I disable all auto-save features, I’ll inevitably save a file that I didn’t mean to. So I guess the question of is it really that bad if I checked in a file with converted tabs? The short answer is no, but I’m working with 3-4 CVS branches and typically multiple checkouts in each of those. I have enough trouble keeping track of what I actually modified. If I start auto-saving tab conversions, I’ll create an enormous overhead making sure that I didn’t accidentally modify (in a bad way) one of those files. I don’t think having ME modify every file I open that contains tabs is practical in the environment that I work.

Manually running a macro that you described on files that I truly intend to modify would get me half way there though. It still wouldn’t help me when just viewing files. Unfortunately, our library files tend to be where I find most of the tabs and I don’t modify those as often.

Thanks for your suggestion!