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Search your *.s code for a DEBUGLOG statement. They should all be commented out. Maybe one isn’t. That MSG-2.LOG file can be created by a DebugLog statement such as:
[code:8uhfoil3]DebugLog(2,"<text>","<debug info>");[/code:8uhfoil3]

Since it happens when you compile I would especially search Compile.s

You should be able to erase all *.tmp files after exiting Multi-Edit.

I’ll try that "Customize/Windowing/Ruler control affects all windows". It seems to work for me. I can switch it on and off, and it affects all windows. Ruler is toggled on/off by macro Ruler in file Text.s [code:8uhfoil3]void Ruler( Win = Parse_Int( "/WIN=", MParm_Str ) )