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John Martzouco

Thanks David,

I had the same hunch on the DebugLog(), and I did a search on all the source that I’ve compiled, it wasn’t in any of mine or downloaded. I even did a search through the .MACs and the MSGLOG^DEBUGLOG call doesn’t show up in any of them.

Is there anything in the engine itself that could be triggered by a Global setting? Maybe some backdoor way to debug all the macros without recompiling them all?

I’ve found 1 file in Src, that still has live DebugLog() calls in it…
. TDbg.s
… should this be commented out?

I used this Unix mode regex search pattern: [^/]#DebugLog

I commented out the 2 calls in TDbg.s, recompiled, MCLed it, but it didn’t fix.

What’s the big plan for the old style of debugging?

It’s happening when I compile, yes… I wonder what’s doing it?

For now, I’m using the sledgehammer and I’m doing a return() as the first statement in the defintion of MsgLog^DebugLog(). That takes care of it! I’ve also added an alert just before the return, so I can see when it goes away:

… otherwise, I’ll just forget about it and never find the source of the trouble.